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About Madurai Meenakshi Gold Jewelley Consortium Private Limited

Jewellery is becoming symbol of status, fashion and taste. Men and women today are steadily moving away from conventional styles of adornment and ornamentation and are gradually adopting modern patterns better suited to their busy life styles. Madurai gold is recognised for exotic value of gold jewellery. Gold Jewellery Cluster in Madurai is well known for its exquisite dexterity craftsmanship and unbroken heritage spanning to more than 1000 and 1000 years. The status of this cluster reveals the presence of strong skilled male-dominated Artisans at the bottom rung and rich traders cum manufactures at the top.

Madurai had a monopoly in the art of Gold Ornament Making having rich tradition and history behind mainly attributed to the patronage and encouragement given to the Artisans, who belonged to the Viswakarma Community, by the then Kings, local Rulers and other rich business communities / families thus setting a trend for grounding a large number of small units in Madurai District. There are about 4000 gold jewellery manufacturing units in Madurai.

The cluster is well known for manufacturing Gold Rings, Chains, Filigree, Auspicious Jewels, Bangles, etc. About 50% of the cluster products are consumed outside the cluster locations to states like Kerala, Karnataka and other states of the country.

Madurai Meenakshi Gold Consortium (MMG) is promoted by Madurai viswakarma, the traditional gold jewellery manufactures. This consortium has taken a new avatar. The gold jewelleries are being made with rich traditional value but adorning the modern life style by confluence the innovative ideas in design patterns for creating entirely new styles.

The web site expresses the value of Madurai jewellery and the flamboyance of richness and dexterity in making fashion jewellery by the members. The varieties and product ranges will induce the customers to stop searching for owning gold jewelleries. Our mission is to serve the customer without fading the memory of richness and passion. The zeal and zest of the customer will be protected and our jewellery will adorn and embellish your beauty.

Our customised service will further kindle your quest on purchasing gold jewellery.